The metamorphosis of the school from a secondary to a technical and vocational institution was the initial step of Cagayan de Oro (Bugo) School of Arts and Trades to achieve its goals in becoming a center of excellence in providing skills training. Being steered by the school’s vision and mission, the administration, faculty, staff and the entire workforce join forces in gearing up the trends of global jobs market by developing and pursuing the standards of excellence in TVET.

In year 2001, TESDA identified COBSAT as a Center of Excellence in Automotive Technology. It was granted by the TVET Quality System award giving bodies a Bronze Level Award in 2003. Last year 2009, Asia Pacific Accreditation & Certification Commission (APACC) awarded the Bronze Category Accreditation to the school.

With the school’s vision and mission as an anchor, COBSAT is on the track to continue the intensification of linkages and association with industry partners and LGU’s and to entrench an effective career development program for trainees, high school students, out-of-school youth, career shifters and retired workers through continuous updates of job demands and opportunities in local and international markets. In order to abridge the wide gap between the shortage of qualified applicants and highly in-demand and hard-to-fill jobs in the labor market, the institution aspires to be an instrument to equip Filipinos with the technical and vocational skills that could empower the country economically.

Our Vision

A Polytechnic Center of Excellence for Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Region 10 in year 2022.

Our Mission

Produce quality TVET graduates with the involvement of the stakeholders to meet the global demand of competent workforce.

Values Statement

“We believe in the true world of work demonstrated with high integrity and commitment to people whom we serve.”

Our Goals

  1. To provide trainees with quality TVET that will enable them to demonstrate competencies resembling to the global standards.
  2. To further ensure quality skills provision, excellent training delivery is with the involvement of stakeholders and industry partners as linkages.
  3. To produce globally competent workers with desirable work values for optimum productivity addressing the needs of the industries.
  4. To orient graduates on entrepreneurial options for self-employment and entrepreneurship, thus generate jobs for a more prosperous society.